Darlene headshot Hello! I’m a doctoral candidate (ABD) in linguistics at the CUNY Graduate Center. My research interests are in laboratory phonology, phonetics, prosody, and Austronesian languages, particularly Tagalog (a Philippine language).

I’m also an adjunct instructor at LaGuardia Community College, where I have taught introductory linguistics courses and academic ESL in the Education & Language Acquisition Department since Fall 2009.

Aside from my academic work, I enjoy being outdoors (a few places are in the banner pictures) and experiencing NYC with my loquacious 3-year old daughter and her new baby sister.


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  1. Jonathan Gomes says:

    Hello Professor,

    My name is Jonathan Gomes and I was a former student of your ELL 101 class. I honestly cannot remember when, perhaps 3 years ago but I’m just writing to tell you briefly that your class has helped me a lot in recent times. I was a liberal arts student taking ASL as electives and I’m currently studying upstate in Rochester for my B.A. degree in American Sign Language Interpretation. I’m currently taking linguistics of ASL and I must say that your class provided a really solid foundation for me. Linguistics of ASL is also really fascinating. So I just wanted to thank you.


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